Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Church of Ss Peter and Paul in Tylicz, Poland

A recent post about a Dominican Mass in a church in L’viv, Ukraine, which has some interesting fresco work on its interior walls, reminded reader Robert Prybyla of a church with a similarly colorful painted interior which he visited in a village in southern Poland called Tylicz. The church was originally built in 1612, and dedicated to Ss Peter and Paul; it is made almost entirely out of wood, although the roof and cupola are now covered in metal. The altars are from the later part of the 18th century, and the paintings over them are older, but much of the painting of the walls was done in two phases relatively recently, in 1950 and 1960. Thanks to Mr Prybyla for sharing these pictures with us.

“The House of God”
The main altar, with a painting of the Virgin and Child that slightly predates the construction of the church.
More recent painted decorations of the choir loft (which is in the middle of the church, not at the back), and the ceiling.
The part of the church closer to the entrance at the back.
A painting of the legend of St Hubert

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