Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Passiontide Photopost 2021 (Part 1)

We’ve already had a good response to our request for photos of Passiontide veils, so there will definitely be at least one other post in this series, before we move on to Palm Sunday and Holy Week. There is always room for more, so if you have photos you would like to contribute, there is plenty of time to send them in to; remember to include the name and location of the church. We will also be glad to include photos of the recently passed feast of St Joseph, and tomorrow’s feast of the Annunciation. Once again, we should all take encouragement in seeing this beautiful Catholic tradition gaining more and more ground each year - evangelize through beauty!
Church of St Peter – Radovljica, Slovenia
Our Lady of Grace – Żabbar, Malta
The feast of St Joseph
Little Flower Catholic Church – Memphis, Tennessee
...and after.
St Stephen – Portland, Oregon
St Titus – Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
St Joseph – Danbury, Connecticut
St John Nepomucene – New York City
St Anthony of Padua – Buffalo, New York

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