Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Good News Photopost

I’m pretty sure that all of our readers could do with some good news these days, so here are some photos of recent events on three different continents, which show the ever-growing movement to recover the fullness of our liturgical tradition. We have a Dominican Mass for the feast of St Thomas Aquinas in Australia (where apparelled albs continue their triumphal progress through the country), a baptism in the traditional rite in Delaware, and a church in Scotland which celebrated its first EF Mass in 50 years on the feast of St Peter’s Chair. This Lent will be a period of great difficulty, and indeed, of great sorrow, for many people thoughout the world; as we remember them in our prayers, let us not forget also to thank the Lord for His many mercies and good gifts, and to keep up the good work of evangelizing through beauty!

From the Dominican Rite Community at Monash Univeristy in Melbourne, Australia, solemn Mass for the feast of St Thomas Aquinas. Photos by Justin Beirouti.
The missal and lectionary are carried in by the deacon and subdeacon, who then lay them down on the first altar step for the prayers at the foot of the altar.
The reading of the Gradual and Tract is done at the sedilia.
The preparation of the chalice, done while the choir sings the Gradual and Tract.
The Gospel sung at a lectern; the processional Cross is used only on solemn feast days.
Note the position of the acolytes when they sit for the sermon, and the gremial on the lap of the deacon and subdeacon.
Et incarnatus est...
Bowing at the Preface dialog.
Incensation of the acolytes at the Preface dialog.
At the Unde et memores.
Kissing the instrumentum pacis.
At the church of St Patrick in Wilmington Delaware, a baptism celebrated in the traditional Rite. Photos courtesy of Allison Girone.
The sign of the Cross on the forehead
The procession from the narthex 
The anointing
On February 22nd, the feast of St Peter’s Chair, the parish of St Margaret of Scotland in Johnstone (about 12 miles west of Glasgow) had its first Mass in the traditional rite in 50 years, organized by Una Voce Scotland, and attended by about 170 people, with music by de Victoria, Hassler and Antonio Lotti, and organ music by Buxtehude. Photos courtesy of Una Voce Scotland.
Tradition will always be for the young!

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