Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Feast of St Joseph 2020

A nice recording of the Vesper hymn of St Joseph, from the Abbey of Fontgombault.

Te, Joseph, célebrent ágmina cǽlitum,
Te cuncti résonent christíadum chori,
Qui clarus méritis, junctus est ínclitæ
Casto fœ́dere Vírgini.

Almo cum túmidam gérmine cónjugem
Admírans, dubio tángeris anxius,
Afflátu súperi Fláminis Angelus
Conceptum Púerum docet.

Tu natum Dóminum stringis, ad éxteras
Ægypti prófugum tu séqueris plagas;
Amissum Sólymis quæris, et ínvenis,
Miscens gaudia flétibus.

Post mortem réliquos sors pia cónsecrat,
Palmamque eméritos gloria súscipit:
Tu vivens, Súperis par, frúeris Deo,
Mira sorte beatior.

Nobis, summa Trias, parce precántibus,
Da Joseph méritis sídera scándere:
Ut tandem líceat nos tibi pérpetim
Gratum prómere cánticum. Amen.

Let angels chant thy praise, pure spouse of purest bride,
While Christendom’s sweet choirs the gladsome strains repeat,
To tell thy wondrous fame, to raise the pealing hymn,
Wherewith we all thy glory greet.

When doubts and bitter fears thy heavy heart oppressed,
And filled thy righteous soul with sorrow and dismay,
An angel quickly came, the wondrous secret told,
And drove thy anxious griefs away.

Thy arms thy new-born Lord, with tender joy embrace;
Him then to Egypt’s land thy watchful care doth bring;
Him in the temple’s courts once lost thou dost regain,
And 'mid thy tears dost greet thy King.

Not till death’s pangs are o’er do others gain their crown,
But, Joseph, unto thee the blessed lot was given
While life did yet endure, thy God to see and know,
As do the Saints above in heaven.

Grant us, great Trinity, for Joseph’s holy sake,
In highest bliss and love, above the stars to reign,
That we in joy with him may praise our loving God,
And sing our glad eternal strain. Amen.

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