Monday, March 23, 2020

Spanish-language TLM Handouts and OF Chanted Propers

In keeping with my advice last Thursday on taking advantage of this down-time to plan ahead for the future, it seems opportune to mention here some Spanish-language Catholic Mass resources that have come to my attention.

The FSSP apostolate in Sydney, Maternal Heart of Mary, has added Spanish-Latin versions of their popular single-sheet bookfold Propers of the Mass for the Temporal and Sanctoral cycles of the traditional Latin Mass:

Propios del año

Propios de los santos

Space has been left at the top of each .pdf so that parish priests who have Adobe Acrobat Pro may insert their own parish header.

The South American district of the SSPX has also made available printable PDFs for most of the Sunday Propers either in Spanish and Latin or in Spanish alone. A sample:

On the Ordinary Form front, the indefatigable Fr. Samuel Weber, working with Ignatius Press, has developed what is by far the best Spanish pew missal: ¡Canta la Misa!, an annual subscription-based book with high production values in art, layout, and musical selection. In particular, as with the English version (Ignatius Pew Missal), entrance and communion antiphons are set to simple chant melodies, and plainchant Mass settings are included. The Order of Mass is also present in parallel Latin and Spanish. Bulk discounts are available (see here) and, of course, free examination copies are available (email this address with requests or questions).

Here are sample pages from the 2019 edition:
It is good to see Spanish-language materials of this quality emerging after quite a dry spell in this regard. Readers who are aware of other pertinent items should add further links in the comments. Let's make this a go-to place for those who are in search of materials.

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