Friday, June 22, 2018

Photos of Ambrosian Corpus Christi

A somewhat belated Corpus Christi photopost, from the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione in Milan, where the traditional Ambrosian Rite is celebrated. The Mass was celebrated coram Sanctissimo; here we see the celebrant removing the Host from the tabernacle, and then incensing it, before the Mass itself begins. The vestments are red, which in the Ambrosian tradition is the liturgical color of the whole season from Pentecost until the third Sunday of October, on which the dedication of the cathedral of Milan is celebrated. Note the form of the monstrance, which is smaller than a typical Roman one, and cylindrical; this type was very common in the Middle Ages, as may be seen in innumerable illustrations in medieval liturgical books.

A decorative collar called a cappino is attached to the top of a chasuble, dalmatic or tunicle at the back. During the incensations, the chasuble is held up higher than is typical in the Roman Rite, parallel to the floor.
The thurible has no top, and is swung in circles in a manner than keeps its contents from flying out. (This takes some practice.)
The acolytes bowing at the conclusion of the Oratio super populum, the equivalent of the Collect.
The celebrant does not wear the biretta for the sermon, since the Sacrament is exposed.
Incensation at the Offertory
Benediction after the Mass.

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