Saturday, June 30, 2018

Artworks Restored in Italy (Part 1)

On Thursday, we published the first part of a series of photos taken by Nicola at a show currently going on in Turin, showcasing artworks and objects that have recently been restored in one way or another. The first part was mostly liturgical objects; here we turn to paintings and a sculptures. It turns out that there are enough of these to make a third post, so we’ll do that early next week; in this post we will focus on medieval and early Renaissance art, and the next will move to the later Renaissance and Baroque. We start with something very special indeed, an icon of the Crucifixion from the church of St Dominic (San Domenico Maggiore) in Naples. One of the most famous episodes in the life of St Thomas Aquinas took place while he was praying before this image, asking whether what he had written on the mysteries of the Christian faith correctly. Christ spoke to him and said, “You have spoken well of me, Thomas. What is your reward to be?”, to which the Saint answered, “Nothing but Yourself, Lord!”

Icon of the Crucifixion - San Domenico Maggiore, Naples, ca. 1250 (artist unknown)
Master of Castelsardo - Retable of the church of St Peter, Tuili, Sardinia, ca. 1500
Christ with St Peter and Martin, archbishop of Ravenna; fresco from the Ravenna Archeological Museum. The figure on the right, “lord Martin, the archbishop” has a square halo, which indicates that he was alive at the time the painting was made, dating it to 810-18.
Crucifix by the Master of St Peter in Villore, 1175-1200; from the diocesen museum of Pienza in Tuscany.
Painted Crucifix from the church of St Simeon the Prophet in Frosinone, Lazio, 1200-33.
Crucifix by the Master of St Pantalon, from the church of St Pantalon in Venice, 1321-30.
Crucifix by Goro di Gregorio, from the church of Ss Peter and Paul in Roccalbenga, Tuscany, 1325-50
Crucifix by George, archpriest of Sant’Anza, from the church of St Silvester in L’Aquila, Abruzzi, ca. 1498
Crucifix by Giovanni di Biasuccio, from the church of St Margaret in L’Aquila, Abruzzi, end of the 15th century.
Christ in Majesty between Angels, from the National Museum of the Abruzzi; end of the 12th century.
The Sterbini Diptych, dated after 1317, by an anonymous master named for it; from the National Museum of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome.
Paolo Veneziano, Choir of Angels, ca. 1345; from the National Museum of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome.
Zanino di Pietro, also known as Giovanni di Francia - Madonna and Child, 1429; from the National Museum of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome.
Madonna of Protection, by the Master of Staffolo (Province of Ancona in the Marches), ca. 1450
Second part of the same work, with Ss John the Baptist and Sebastian.
Taddeo di Bartolo - the Belvedere Madonna, from the Servite church of St Mary in Siena; ca. 1405
Madonna Enthoned, with the Man of Sorrows, the Crucifixion, Patron Saints and donor; from the parish church of St Martin in Carbonara Scrivia, Piedmont, 1498.

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