Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Corpus Christi Procession in Rome

We have received a good number of responses to our Corpus Christi photopost request, and will begin publishing them shortly; if you have photos you’d like to share, there’s still plenty of time to send them in. ( I want to start by highlighting a particularly beautiful procession which was held this past Sunday at the FSSP’s Roman parish, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini. For the past several years, the procession has gone though the local streets, and Benediction was celebrated at a very nice temporary altar set up in the next piazza over, in front of the Monte di Pietà. This year, however, the streets along the customary route are torn up for construction work, and so the opportunity was taken to change the route, and have Benediction at the church of the Brigittine Sisters in Piazza Farnese. (video below) As you can see, there was a large crowd who participated in the ceremony, and a lot of people on the street stopped to watch.

Members of the church’s confraternity carry the processional canopy.
Children, including some who made their First Communion on this day, strew flowers along the processional route.
Passing by the Palazzo Spada.
The sacristan of Santa Maria della Quercia, following an old Italian custom, waves a thurible at the door of his church as the Sacrament passes by.
Passing through Piazza Farnese; the church of St Bridget is on the left.
The church of St Bridget ready to receive the Sacrament for Benediction.
The procession leaves St Brigit.
Returning to Trinità.
The Sacrament is carried back into the church.
Fr John Berg, superior general of the FSSP, and Fr Jean-Cyril Sow, the pastor, with the members of the Confraternity.

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