Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Thank You, Roman Pilgrims!

I just want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to our Roman Pilgrims, Agnese Bazzuchi and Fr Alek Schrenk, for so kindly allowing us to reproduce their pictures of the Roman stational Masses this Lent. Between the two of them, we had nine posts this year, a total of 220 photographs. In previous years, we have always missed a station or two due to bad traffic, unexpected changes in schedule, the chaos of life in general, and Roman life in particular, etc, but this year, with two pilgrims, we didn’t miss a single one of the days between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.

Many readers have written to me or commented to express their appreciation of this series over the years, and how glad they are to be able to follow this ancient custom in the very heart of the Church and of the Roman Rite. Agnese also asked me to convey her thanks all of those who have followed her annual Lenten pilgrimage, and to let you know that she brings you with her in her prayers. Ad multos et felices annos!

Agnese at the Easter vigil at Trinità dei Pellegrini
Fr Alek preaching back home in America

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