Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pilgrimage in Honor of the English Martyrs, May 5th

The Latin Mass Society, in conjunction with the Institute of Christ the King, is organising a pilgrimage in honour of the Martyrs of England in the city of Preston, England, on Saturday, May 5th, the original date of the feast of St Pius V. The pilgrimage will start from the church of St Walburge, and go to that of St Thomas of Canterbury and the English Martyrs, which has been entrusted to the Institute’s care by the Rt Rev. Michael Campbell, Bishop of Lancaster. This very fine church, designed by Edward Pugin, is not only dedicated to the English Martyrs, but is built on the site of the execution of several of the leaders of the Jacobite Rising of 1715.

The program is as follows:
Assemble 11.45 am at the Church of St Walburge for devotions
Noon: Procession to the Church of the English Martyrs
12.30 pm: Solemn Mass.
Participants are encouraged to bring banners.

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