Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Special Chants for Epiphany

Our good friends of the Schola Sainte Cécile have posted two items of interest for the upcoming feast of the Epiphany: a special tone for the chanting for the Gospel, and the proclamation of the date of Easter and of the movable feasts which is traditionally made after the Gospel, for the year 2017. The tone of the latter, also known from its first word as the Noveritis, is basically the same as that of the Exsultet. I have heard this special Gospel tone at Mass, and it is really quite beautiful.

You can click these photos to enlarge them. If you should decide to use these pieces in the liturgy, you can download them in pdf format, with some very nice decorations, at the following links: pdf of the Gospel; pdf of the Noveritis.

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