Saturday, January 14, 2017

Melkite Liturgy in Berkeley, CA January 28th

Another Melkite liturgy has been scheduled for later this month, on January 28th at 5pm at the Gesu Chapel of at the Jesuit School of Theology, in Berkeley, California, located at 1735 Le Roy Avenue.

The last liturgy was deemed a great success (over 60 people attended). Many came, we were told, because they read about it on this site, so thank you NLM!

The liturgy on the Berkeley campus is celebrated by Fr Sebastian Carnazzo. Fr Carnazzo is pastor of St Elias Melkite Church, in Los Gatos, CA. He is seen in the video which is taken from the St Elias website.

The liturgy in Berkeley will be celebrated by Fr Carnazzo and Fr Christopher Hadley. I will be present, singing the “eison,” or drone, as part of the choir, so we hope to see some of you there.  Here is a clip of him at St Elias.

Fr Carnazzo, incidentally, is also teaching a series of classes for www.Pontifex.University, in which he explains content of the canon of holy icons of Church and connects it to Scripture and to the feast days of the liturgical year, both West and East. As such, they are courses simultaneously in theology, in which the imagery deepens understanding of mysteries and doctrine described, and courses in the art of the Church by which students understand its roots in Scripture and Catholic doctrine.

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