Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pentecost Photopost 2016 - Part 2

Here is the second part of our Pentecost photopost, as always, with our thanks to the readers who sent them in.

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Legnano, Italy
Mass in the Ambrosian Rite; as a side note, the Ambrosian Rite uses red as the liturgical color of the season after Pentecost, (even including the feast of Corpus Christi), as did many medieval Uses of the Roman Rite. (From the website

St Mary’s Catholic Church - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Masses in the OF (red vestments) and EF (gold vestments); the parish priest, Fr James Richardson, celebrated the tenth anniversary of his priestly ordination.

Holy Innocents - New York City

National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon - North Jackson, Ohio

Monastery of Annunciation Hermitage - Gilchrist, Oregon

St Joseph Church, Mother of Divine Mercy Parish - Detroit, Michigan

Santa Maria della Consolazione - Milan, Italy
Mass in the Ambrosian Rite

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