Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Online Resource: Website with Compline from the Roman Breviary

A friend recently brought to my attention the following website, which contains the full text of Compline from the Breviary of St Pius X. http://bbloomf.github.io/compline/ It is a work in progress, and from the fact that the word Compline is on the other-side of a /, it would seem the creator plans to expand it. The clever thing about how it is arranged it that every possible variant is represented by two or more buttons, which you can click and instantly bring up the relevant texts. For example, is a priest officiating or not, is it the Easter season or the rest of the year; all the possible variant doxologies and hymn tones have their own buttons as well. The most important button for this particular Hour, which would allow one to choose which day’s Psalms will be said, has yet to be installed, so as of now, the Psalms of the Feria appear, even on days when the Sunday Psalms would be said. The most useful feature of all is that the text is given in Latin, with all of the corresponding chant notation. including the Antiphon of the Virgin at the end.

No other information is given, but I would encourage the creator of the site to continue to develop this highly useful resource.
Screen shot of the beginning of today’s Compline as it appears on the site.

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