Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Benedictus Residential Summer School 2016

Benedictus, the Catholic Liberal Arts College, is running its third residential Summer School in Kensington, London UK from 31 July to 13 August. Benedictus was founded by Dr Clare Hornsby, who will also be speaking at Sacra Liturgia London. The course, entitled Foundational Aspects of European Culture is for students aged 17-25. From the Benedictus site:

During this two week course we will introduce students to the foundational elements of European civilisation, from the ancient world to the formation of Christian Europe.

We will study some of the milestones, both intellectual and cultural, that have marked its development; from Plato and More to Raphael and T. S. Eliot, in each case highlighting the thematic connections between the disciplines.

Whether you have just done your AS levels, left school, are on your gap year or are studying at university, if you are keen to discover some of the riches of western Europe in its philosophy, history, art and architecture, then this course is for you.

The course comprises lectures, classroom-based reading seminars and visits to galleries and museums; this exciting combination of learning techniques is essential in order to emphasise the connections across the subjects and understand the context in which major cultural and intellectual developments took place.

Class sizes are limited to 18 in order to create an intimate and dynamic community of learning. You will be studying, living, discussing and enjoying the company of a small, diverse group of enthusiastic young people on this intense course.

Highlights of the 2016 course will be; Shakespeare with Professor Andrew Moran - with a trip to see a play performed at the Globe; a day-trip to Oxford to discover more about the fascinating history of the University during the Renaissance; visits to the British Museum with Professor Edward Chaney, a private performance of early sacred music and Dante with Professor John Took.

The prospectus is here, and for more information visit the Benedictus site which has application details.

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