Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Notitiae Soon to be Published Online

A reader has sent us a notice that the Congregation for Divine Worship is changing the way its bulletin Notitiae is published. Here is a note “To our subscribers” which prefaces last year’s first-half issue:

Having celebrated its 50th year, the review Notitiae is revising its periods of publication and rethinking the way in which it is communicated. It will keep unchanged its particular goal of offering information and documentation on the liturgical-celebrative and disciplinary fields that are proper to the Dicastery as well as information about its activity. In 2015 two half-yearly volumes will be published which have the same number of pages as the volumes published in previous years. In 2016, however, Notitiae will become a solely online review made up of a single annual volume published in PDF format and freely downloadable from the website of the Congregation (there will be no need to renew your subscription for 2016). It will draw together the Acts of the Congregation, information and contributions on re liturgica that periodically appear on the Dicastery’s website, allowing you to cite the source. The review is simply changing its “clothes”, thus making itself more accessible everywhere. Libraries, archives, institutes, and all those who are interested can print it and collect it. It is planned to make the whole collection of Notitiae available online eventually.

This last piece of news will be of particular importance to liturgical scholars. Here is the link to the Notitiae webpage.

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