Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed - New Website for Dutch Shrine and Hermitage

We have included in several of our photoposts images from the shrine of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed in the village of Warfhuizen in the Netherlands. This shrine was formerly a protestant church, but was transformed in 2001 into a Catholic shrine, which has both a public church and a hermitage; the hermit was ordained a priest this past September. A reader has just brought to my attention that the shrine now has a website, which is available in English, as well as Dutch, German and French. According to the Horarium, Mass is celebrated in both forms of the Roman Rite, with the EF as the regular Sunday Mass, and along with this the full Office, Rosary and Benediction. (I note with amusement that google translate turns the Dutch word for “Horarium” into “Circadian rhythm.”) The Virgin Mary is honored at the shrine as the Mother of Sorrows, and there is a beautiful image of Her kept to the right of the main altar. We look forward to seeing more of the liturgical life of this beautiful little outpost of the Catholic Faith! (Images from our second Assumption photopost this year.)

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