Thursday, November 12, 2015

Historic Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Restored in New York: A Report from NPR

NPR reporter Jacki Lyden did a broadcast last week on the recent restoration of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in East Harlem, New York, which was Pontifically Crowned by order of St. Pius X in 1904. The church was made a Pontifical Sanctuary by Pius XI in 1928.

The broadcast also sheds a bit of light on the history of the Italian immigrants to New York. It’s good to see such a positive story about the Church on NPR; it would be good to help the story get as many hits as possible on NPR’s website, and show their executives that Ms Lyden was right to do a positive piece on Catholic culture, to show that people are interested in the beauty of the Faith, and will listen when such programs are aired.

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