Thursday, November 19, 2015

EF Pilgrimage to Bologna for Dominican Jubilee

To celebrate the Jubilee of eight-hundred years from the establishment of the Order of the Preachers (November 7, 2015 - January 21, 2017), on December 7, 2015, a pilgrimage to the Ark of Saint Dominic will take place in Bologna, culminating with a Holy Mass sung in the Dominican rite. The event is preceded by a conference on Dominican rite given by Fr. Riccardo Aimone Barile OP, Prior of the Convento Patriarcale in Bologna, and followed by a reception.

The pilgrimage is first of all a time of prayer and thanksgiving to God for having given the Church the Holy Father Dominic, founder of the Order of the Preachers. It is also an opportunity for the study and promotion of the rite that for seven hundred and fifty-years characterized the liturgical life of the Order, and which since 2007, thanks to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI and the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae of the Pontificial Commission Ecclesia Dei, may again be celebrated and promoted without any limit in the Church and in the Dominican Order.

Also, as Fr Thompson has noted both here and at Dominican Liturgy, a special plenary indulgence has been proclaimed for the various events of the Dominican Jubilee.

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