Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Chant Intensive

Winter Chant Intensive - Last Chantce!

The upcoming Winter Chant Intensive in Phoenix, Arizona is a fantastic opportunity for both people who know little or nothing and those who think they know quite a bit.

Why?  From January 5th to the 8th, participants in the Chant track will have an opportunity to work with Jeffrey Morse, an acknowledged expert in chant and an amazing teacher. The essentials of Gregorian Chant will be taught - notation, solfege, and a practical and natural approach to rhythmic interpretation. More advanced singers and schola directors can refine their own understanding and watch a master teacher at work.

During the same time (January 5th-8th), a special "Sing the Mass" course will work with priests, deacons, seminarians, and teachers of all the aforesaid on the chanting of the Mass parts. This course assumes no prior musical knowledge or experience, so neophytes need not fear.  Perhaps a priest or other liturgical minister knows some of the chants but fears the Exsultet and the prefaces. Those fears will be replaced with confidence as the participants work with Matthew J. Meloche, Director of Music at the Cathedral of SS. Simon and Jude.

Both courses will conclude with a shared liturgy. And of course, Epiphany will be celebrated as well.

Today is the closing day of registration, so get on board right now at

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