Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ambrosian Ordo Missae Now Online for Download

Signum Ambrosianum, a cultural organization dedicated to the preservation of the Milanese liturgical patrimony, has just published a new edition of the traditional Ambrosian Ordo Missae. The complete Latin text is accompanied by an Italian translation, as well as all of the necessary rubrics; the chanted parts of the Ordinary are noted with their music. The booklet also includes the Asperges, the twelve Kyrie eleisons sung as part of the procession before Mass, the antiphons of the Virgin, and the Litany of Loreto. There are also several illustration with images taken from a 1594 edition of the Missale Ambrosianum; the Curia of the Archdiocese has given its Nihil obstat and Imprimatur to this work.

The e-version may be downloaded free at this link: It may also be freely printed and distributed, provided that proper attribution of the source is given :, ISBN 978-88-907422-2-4.

For those who are interested in the Ambrosian liturgy, a reminder that Signum Ambrosianum has a number of publications available, including the Antiphonarium Missae, as we mentioned a while back. There are two editions of the Missale Ambrosianum available on googlebooks, one from 1640 and another from 1712.

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