Friday, April 04, 2014

Recent Dominican Rite Missae Cantatae in Portland OR

I am pleased to present these photos of recent celebrations of the Dominican Mass at the house of the Western Dominican Province in Portland OR, Most Holy Rosary Priory and Parish.
The celebrant of this Missa Cantata was Fr. Vincent Kelber, O.P., Pastor of the Parish.  In accord with the Dominican practice, the distribution of ashes was done, with Fr. Kelber's assistance by the Prior of the Dominican Community, Fr. Stephen Maria Lopez, O.P. 

As the question is often raised as to the nature of the altar servers attire, it is a modification of the old lay brother's postulant habit: a white tunic and black shoulder cape.  As they are ministering at the altar, the servers wear the surplice, in this case under the shoulder cape, as is the Dominican tradition for the non-ordained.

Also, as comments seem always to get posted on this, Yes, the priests are both wearing amices, the prior's amice at the Annunciation Mass even has an apparel.

Blessing of Ashes
Distribution of Ashes to the Servers by the Prior
Distribution of Ashes to the People
The In spiritu humiliatis at the Offertory
Elevation of the Chalice
Dominican Orans position at the Unde et Memores
The Ecce Agnus Dei before Communion
The Et Verbum caro factum est of the Last Gospel

The celebrant of this Missa Cantata was the prior of the Dominican Community of the Holy Rosary in Portland, Fr. Stephen Maria Lopez, O.P.

Arrival at the Altar
Preparation of the Chalice During the Chants between the Readings
The beginning of the Creed
The Incarnatus est of the Creed
Elevation of the Host
Preparation for Communion
The Ecce Agnus Dei before Communion

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