Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday 2014

‘Ο εὐσχήμων ’Ιωσήφ, ἀπὸ τοῦ ξύλου καθελὼν τὸ ἀχραντόν σου σῶμα, σινδόνι καθαρᾷ εἱλήσας καὶ ἀρώμασι, ἐν μνήματι καινῷ κηδεύσας ἀπέθετο.

Благоωбразный Іωсифъ, съ Древа снемъ Пречистое Тѣло Твое, плащаницею чистою ωбвивъ, и вонѧми, во гробѣ новѣ покрывъ положи.

The noble Joseph took down from the Cross Thy spotless Body, and when he had wrapped It in a clean shroud with spices, he laid It for burial in a new Sepulchre.

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