Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palm Sunday Photopost Request

Don’t forget to send us photographs of your Palm Sunday liturgies: OF, EF, Eastern or Ordinariate, we’re glad to share them with our readers. Please be so kind as to use both the NLM photopost address, and my NLM email:


We’ll also be happy to post links to any videos you might have made publicly available; youtube is always the easiest way to do that. It makes it easier for us to process if you send jpgs to us directly, rather than links to flickr etc., but if you can’t do it that way, we understand. It is also helpful if you can put the name of your church and its location as the subject of your email. Don’t hesitate to send large files; it’s easy to make a large picture smaller if necessary for posting purposes. A blessed Holy Week to all of our readers and friends!

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