Monday, March 03, 2014

Book Notice: Two updated editions

any features of the Church's liturgical worship are grounded in Scripture, even as Scripture (and the determination of what constitutes Scripture) is grounded in the Church's living Tradition whose primary instrument is the Sacred Liturgy. This dynamic interrelationship is brought out in two popular titles published by Newman House Press which have proven helpful in educating the Catholic faithful (and potentially faithful) over the years, namely, The Catholic Church and the Bible (112 pp.) and The Bible and the Mass (123 pp.). Both are the work of Father Peter Stravinskas, a renowned author, educator, and apologist. The former title highlights the biblical roots of Catholic doctrine and liturgy; the latter explains the parts of the Mass (Ordinary Form), giving scriptural references and explanations for the various prayers and actions.

These books have been revised in accordance with the new English translation of the Roman Missal (in use since Advent 2011) and are now available from the publisher in their latest editions. The cost of each title is $10 US.

To order, call Newman House Press at 732-914-1222 or visit its website.

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