Saturday, February 01, 2014

Two More Candlemas Events - Palo Alto, CA and Baltimore MD

Thanks again to Roseanne T. Sullivan, for bringing these to our attention.

In Palo Alto, California, the St. Ann Choir, directed by Stanford Musicology Professor, William Mahrt, (President of the Church Music Association of America, and Editor of the journal Sacred Music,) will sing the Missa Quarti Toni by Tomás Luis de Victoria, along with several motets. The Mass will be sung at St. Albert the Great Church, the choir's temporary home while St Thomas Aquinas Church, where they usually sing at Gregorian Sunday Masses, is being renovated. (address and times below in poster)
In Baltimore, Candlemas will be sung by the professional choir of Mount Calvary Church under the direction of Daniel Bennett Page, a music historian specializing in liturgical music in sixteenth-century England (including Byrd) and undergraduate dean at the University of Baltimore. This event offers a rare opportunity to hear William Byrd’s Propers for the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple sung at a Catholic Mass, where they are meant to be sung, instead of in a concert hall. The Ordinary of the Mass will be Byrd’s Mass for Five Voices. According to the website, “This annual feast day rarely falls on a Sunday, and so 2014 provides a particularly apt opportunity to undertake this special project.”

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