Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Candlemass Photopost, 2014

With our thanks to all those who sent in their photos!

St. Anthony of Padua - Jersey City, New Jersey - Celebrant: Rev. John Perricone

St. Francis de Sales Oratory - St. Louis, MO

Holy Family Parish - Quezon City - Philippine Islands - Celebrant: Fr. Michell Zerudo

for many more images, see the blog Dei Praesidio Fultus

St. John the Evangelist - Calgary, Alberta

Mount Calvary Church - Baltimore MD
William Byrd's Adorna Thalamum Tuum
Wyoming Catholic College - Lander, WY
Our own Dr. Peter Kwasniewski at the head of the laity in procession.

St. Joseph's Church - Troy, NY

Holy Redeemer - Madison WI - Celebrant: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Hong Kong

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