Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FOTA VII Conference Announcement

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce that the Fota VII International Liturgy Conference will take place in Cork, Ireland, 5-7 July 2014. The theme of the conference is In Persona Christi Agens: Aspects of the Ordained Ministry, and will explore aspects of the ordained priestly ministry especially with reference to the sacred liturgy.

Among the those who will participate in the Conference are: Prof. Manfred Hauke (Lugano, Switzerland); Prof. Dieter Boehler (Frankfurt, Germany); Fr. Sven Conrad (Augsburg, Germany), Dr. Joâo Paulo de Mendonca Dantas (Brazil); Prof. Michael Stickelbroeck (St. Poelten, Austria); Dr. Stefan Heid (Rome); Prof. Paul Gunter, OSB, (Rome); Fr. Tom McGovern (Dublin). The conference is open to the general public. Registrations will be accepted after Easter. Further information may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary at colman.liturgy@yahoo.co.uk .

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