Monday, May 20, 2013

Announcement of My Forthcoming Retirement From Blogging and an Exciting New Chapter for NLM

NLM was founded nearly eight years ago in 2005, a few months after the election of Benedict XVI -- a period when many blogs were founded in point of fact. For eight years this blog has been a day to day part of my life, involving thousands and thousands of hours managing the site, coming up with contents each day, managing comboxes, email correspondence and so on. To say that it has been a lot of work would almost be an understatement! That said, it has also been very rewarding and has resulted in many interesting experiences, friendships, opportunities, etc. For that I am grateful.

My purpose in mentioning this is to announce that the time has now come for me to retire from NLM and from blogging generally so that I might focus on other projects and pursuits.

(Now, before anyone is tempted to suggest this has something to do with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, let me just clearly dispel that false notion right now: it has absolutely nothing to do with that in any way whatever. No, the reality is this was close to happening last year but for certain practicalities that prevented such a decision from being taken by me at that time. This is an entirely personal decision that has been on my mind for some while now and the opportunity has now finally presented itself.)

So then, naturally this leads to the question of what will happen to NLM itself? I personally believe that NLM has a good many years yet ahead for it particularly as the new liturgical movement itself continues to grow and to spread -- as it indeed is; so to do the other NLM writers.

I am therefore pleased to inform our readers that NLM will itself continue to operate, operating under the sponsorship of the CMAA (Church Music Association of America). Jeffrey Tucker will be the Editor and Publisher, and the day to day operation and management of NLM will fall to Gregory DiPippo, who will be the new Managing Editor.

The expected transition date will be Monday, June 3rd.

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