Thursday, May 16, 2013

Andrew Cusack on the Lady Altar of the London Oratory

Speaking of London, as I did in the previous post, I noticed that Andrew Cusack recently published a brief piece on the Lady Altar of the London Oratory. Here is an excerpt:

In the south transept of the Brompton Oratory is the altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, perhaps the finest altar in the entire church. It is a favourite place for getting in a few prayers and offering a candle or two or three or four. At the end of Solemn Vespers & Benediction on Sunday afternoon (above) it is where the Prayer for England is said and the Marian antiphon sung.

The Lady Altar was designed and built in 1693 by Francesco Corbarelli of Florence and his sons Domenico and Antonio and for nearly two centuries stood in the Chapel of the Rosary in the Church of St Dominic in Brescia. That church was demolished in 1883, and the London Congregation of the Oratory purchased the altar two years beforehand for £1,550.

Read the rest on Andrew Cusack's site.

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