Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Papal Tailors

I came across the following article in the New York Times by way of John Sonnen's blog. The article, When the Pope Is Chosen, His Tailors Will Be Ready, talks about the tradition of papal clothing and Gammarelli's in Rome.

Readers here will know as well as I do that there can often be a debate about "externals" within ecclesial circle. We here have often approached this question emphasizing the "both/and" nature of this and the evangelical power of beauty. The NYT writer adds another perspective to it:

Whether the new pope will turn out to be a sartorial minimalist is perhaps not the chief concern of a church in considerable turmoil. Yet given the increasing potency of image in an Instagram age, the new pope could do worse than to take a cue from the queen of England, another of the world’s enduring symbolic figures, and a woman who gives careful thought to her working wardrobe.

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