Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laudamus Te Magazine

Please forgive me if this is old news to our readers, but I just wanted to put in a kind word for the good folks over at Laudamus Te Magazine. I first encountered them after their creative director, longtime colleague Ted Schluenderfritz, asked to use some of my line art for their Christmas and pre-Lent issues, along with some of his own work and that of Daniel Mitsui. (If I may be permitted to toot my own trumpet, the crucifixion above, which appears on the Lent edition's cover, is my own work.) So, you say, it has a nice cover, but what about the content? Laudamus Te aims to be to the Extraordinary Form what the wonderful little misalette Magnificat is to its Ordinary equivalent--quite a tall order. But virtually ex nihilo and on a shoestring, Hillside Education has delivered. Not only are there the mass texts and propers (carefully purged of typographic errors that creep into hand-missals), but original meditations, readings from the Fathers, poetry, and the texts for Morning and Evening Prayer--and the original art mentioned before. It is also quite handsome for an essentially ephemeral publication in terms of design, layout and quality. It is representative of something tremendously exciting--the ability to do something new with and for the Extraordinary Form, rather than just relying on the same photocopied leaflets and recycled line art that we've been making do with for more than twenty years. They need all the support, help, donations and subscriptions they can get, so please, have a look over at their website and think about signing up.

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