Friday, March 08, 2013

St Mary's University College Offers a Certificate in Sacred Arts

St. Mary's University College, which is an independent Catholic liberal arts university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is launching a Certificate in Sacred Arts. This is open to anyone. there are practical classes and lectures, but the emphasis appears to be learning through doing. Three of the teachers are known to me and cause me to recommend it. My contact there is with Martinho Correia whom I met when I was studying in Florence is teaching the Western naturalistic tradition; second my own teacher Aidan Hart is teaching iconography and third Jed Gibbons who teaches illumination. The organiser of the programme is Dr Mark Charlton who is on the faculty at the college.

Students have the choice of either taking a single workshop or registering for a series of workshops to qualify for the newly-created Certificate in the Sacred Arts – Foundations. The first courses being offered in 2013 include:

Methods of the Masters of the Western Sacred Art Tradition taught by Martinho Isidro Correia
The Foundations of Calligraphy taught by Renate Worthington
 Iconography taught by Aidan Hart
The Art of Manuscript Illumination taught by Jed Gibbons
Stained Glass for Beginners taught by Jody Martin
Gregorian Chant Workshop taught by Malcolm Edwards

For a more detailed description of the courses see:

Art shown is by, from top, Martinho, Aidan and Jed.

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