Friday, February 08, 2013

Some English Coptic Icons

Here are some neo-Coptic icons  at the Coptic Cathedral of St George at Stevenage in England.

I discovered this by trying to get hold of pictures of art by an English-Egyptian icon painter called Fadi Mikhail. He trained at the Slade art school in London and then did an apprenticeship with an icon painter in California, called Isaac Fanous. His website is here. I would have included more pictures of his work, but his website doesn't allow me to copy and save the images. Here's a tip for artists out there. You may worry about people making use of images by barring the copying, but you also stop people who are very happy to promote your work from doing so effectively! i think that in the end the artist loses more than he gains by doing this. So in the end I took some examples from the cathedral website. But Fadi, if you're reading, I like your work and would have happily featured more if I could have done!

I love the loose but well directed brush work in this one above

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