Friday, July 06, 2012

St. Paul's, Philadelphia

Before the blogging week passes us by, I thought I would share some photos from the EF community at St. Paul's, Philadelphia, for last Sunday's Feast of the Most Precious Blood.

The Mass was a Solemn Mass, celebrated by Fr. Dennis Carbonaro, pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Church in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. The pastor of St. Paul's, Father Gerald P. Carey, served as Deacon.

Of notable interest was the subdeacon, Mr. Christopher Moriconi, a seminarian from St. Charles Seminary on whom was recently conferred the 'ministries' of acolyte and lector. (I say it is of notable interest for the reason that it is also encouraging to see seminarians showing an interest in the Roman liturgical patrimony.)

Do take note in the above two photographs of the splendid antependium which vests the altar. I would again ask our readers, especially our parish priests, to consider how this not only beautifies the altar, but please also consider the rich liturgical and theological symbolism it brings with it.

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