Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Reader Challenge (Readers in Spain Take Particular Note)

I know that many of our readers are interested in older historical photographs and video of the sacred liturgy. Over the years we have presented a number of such things, including some rather rare glimpses of some of the other Western liturgical uses. We have shown images and video from the Pontifical Lyonese liturgy, the Carthusian liturgy, we have shown rare views of the Solemn Papal Mass, video of the Carmelite liturgy so on and so forth.

However, one thing we have never yet shown -- indeed, I have never once run across such a thing -- are historical images or video of the pre-conciliar Mozarabic liturgy -- which would evidently be very rare given the rarity of that form of the liturgy itself.

So then, a challenge to our readers, particularly those of our readers who may be in the area of Toledo, can you come up with such?

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