Friday, July 06, 2012

Opportunity for Artists to Publicise Their Work

The editor of journal Dappled Things, Bernado Aparicio, has contacted me asking for submissions from up and coming artists who would like to have their art featured in the magazine. This is a chance for people to showcase their work in a magazine that is read by Catholics who are interested in liturgy and culture. The magazine is richly illustrated and the reproductive quality is high. They are looking for artwork for a number of future issues. My sense is that if there is work that they are impressed with it, they will do their best to showcase at some point in the future so they are not limited by numbers. They do not pay, but this is way for people to showcase what they do with thousands of readers who are likely to be interested in what they are doing. Perhaps this could spark some commissions!

Regular readers will be aware of Dappled Things, but for those who aren't it is a quarterly journal which is focussed on trying promoting all aspects of Catholic culture. They are interested not only in the subject matter but also in ecouraging high quality writing that is both academically sound and engaging. Through this they are highlighting and developing writers who can effectively communicate aspects of faith and culture. For this reason it describes itself as a literary journal.

Those who are interested in submitting work should go to the website, here, and follow the directions.

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