Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carmelite Rite in Troy, New York

Long time and even recent readers will well know NLM's interest in and committment to the fostering of the other liturgical rites and uses of the Latin rite, and as such, I was quite interested to be told of this recently [NLM emphases]:

We are very happy to announce that each Monday in July Fr. Romaeus Cooney O.Carm. will celebrate the Carmelite Rite Liturgy at St. Joseph's Church (, 416 3rd Street, Troy NY. There will also be a Carmelite Rite Missa Cantata on Sunday the 15th to commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.Each of these liturgies is at 12pm.

Coinciding with this announcement is the following story found in The Carmelite Review, "Celebrating the Rite Again" by the same Fr. Romaeus Cooney, O.Carm. (I attach enlargeable images of the story, but do consider going directly to the site where you can read the story on page 19 and page 20):

Of course, all of this probably will raise the question for some, "what is the present status of the liturgical books of the religious orders? how were they or weren't they affected by the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum?"

The answer is found in paragraph 34 of Universae Ecclesiae, the instruction on the implementation of the same motu proprio:

The Rites of Religious Orders

34. The use of the liturgical books proper to the Religious Orders which were in effect in 1962 is permitted.

In short, the liturgical books of the religious orders (e.g. Carmelite, Dominican, Premonstratensian, Carthusian, etc.) are as freely available to use of priests in those religious orders as are the Roman liturgical books of 1962.

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