Monday, July 09, 2012

Romanitas in Lyon: 'New' Vestment Enterprise

I am fortunate to have been aware of this vestment making enterprise for some while. In fact, we have featured some of their excellent work on NLM before, speaking of it at times as "Quoexian" (in reference to some of the enterprises and sensibilities of the late Abbe Franck Quoex). Until now, however, this enterprise was not really advertised, being somewhat semi-private so far as I could tell; as such, I was very pleased to learn this past weekend that they now have a public website up, offering their services to the broader public:

The enterprise in question goes by the name "Romanitas" and is based out of Lyon, France. Their site has a gallery of some of their work, but I'd like to show you a few of their pieces here as well.

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