Friday, February 24, 2012

Hispano-Mozarabic Liturgy Celebrated in Royal College of Spain by Archbishop of Toledo

A little over a month ago, we reported on the celebration of the post-conciliar Mozarabic liturgy by the Archbishop of Toledo on the feast of St. Ildefonso. Now reports the following story: Misa en Rito Hispano-Mozárabe en el "Real Colegio de España".

The story relates to the celebration of the post-conciliar version of the Mozarabic liturgy, once again celebrated by D. Braulio Rodríguez Plaza, the Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, in the Royal College of Spain.

From their account of the event:

Accompanied by the Hon. Mr. D. Jose Guillermo Garcia Valdecasas, Rector of the Royal College, the Archbishop paid a visit to this institution and celebrated Mass in Hispano-Mozarabic Rite in the Chapel...

In his homily the head of the Hispano-Mozárabe rite said that this rite is "an alive, never dead, liturgy even in the midst of the difficulties to celebrate it and the ups and downs that we all know."

Here are a few photos:

It is good to see this apparent interest in the Mozarabic rite. It is my own hope that this will also extend, in the spirit of Summorum Pontificum, to the same in its preconciliar manifestation as well.

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