Thursday, February 02, 2012

Custom Made Pontifical Sandals

As we continue to witness the steady but sure growth and revival of the usus antiquior in the life of the Church, a natural result is that once common personal liturgical items like certain pontificals need to be sought out again by prelates (ideally) or at very least sought by those communities who might more frequently host Solemn Pontifical Masses.

In that vein, I was rather interested to see the obviously newly made pontifical sandals pictured to the right. I asked who had made them, and I am told they were made by the following company within Italy:

Calzaturificio Derby
via XXV Aprile 78
18100 IMPERIA (IM)

Tel. +39 331 1122631

While this is not their focus, but rather custom work, apparently, yes, they do are willing to take orders for these -- though you must provide the liturgical textile.

I offer this for whatever it might be worth, but it looks like they've done some nice work here.

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