Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Solemn Dominican Rite, Blackfriars, Oxford

Fr. Lawrence brought to my attention that the Dominican rite liturgy was recently celebrated in the Dominican house of Blackfriars in Oxford as part of the annual Latin Mass Society pilgrimage in honour of Oxford's Catholic martyrs.

The celebrant was Fr. Richard Conrad, OP, the deacon Fr Thomas Crean OP, and subdeacon Br Gregory Pearson OP. The photos come from Dr. Joseph Shaw.

(To read more about this event and the pilgrimage, which we've covered here in previous years, see here, here and here.)

During the chanting of the Epistle, the deacon purifies his fingers and goes to the altar to remove the corporal from the burse

The Epistle concluded, the subdeacon with humeral veil carries the chalice to the sedilla for the Preparation of the Chalice

The Gospel

The cruciform posture at the Unde et memores

The Pax instrument

Here are a couple of images from the procession through the beautiful streets of Oxford.

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