Saturday, October 15, 2011

NLM Quiz no. 7: The Answer

Can you pinpoint the context of this scene? What, why and where?

The Answer:

Congratulations to those of you who correctly identified or suspected that this image was taken within the context of the primatial church of St. John in Lyon, within the context of the Pontifical Mass in the 'rite' of Lyon. Many of you also proved to have a good memory, remembering that we had spoken and shown this very element (though from another angle) in our 2010 article, Ceremonial Details of the Pontifical Mass in the Rite of Lyons - Part I: Mass of the Catechumens (of which I still owe our readers part II!).

Here is the full image from whence this was taken, which came from the book, L'Ancienne Liturgie Romaine. Le Rite Lyonnais by Dom Denys Buenner, O.S.B.

As you can see, the seven candlesticks are placed in the chancel of the primatial church, being carried otherwise at various points by the seven acolytes. (Readers of our previous article may recollect that the Pontifical Lyonese Mass had seven acolytes, seven subdeacons, seven deacons, and, inclusive of the archbishop himself with his six assistant priests, seven priests.)

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