Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comparison Matrix of Different Editions of the New English Edition of the Roman Missal in the USA

Our American readers may want to make their way over to Aquinas and More Catholic Goods where they have done up a handy little matrix: Comprehensive Comparison of the New Roman Missals.

In their comparative matrix they give the dimensions of each book, cover style for the different editions, pricing, as well as interior samples of the art and typescript.

There are 15 editions looked at:

Liturgical Press Ritual and Chapel editions
USCCB Ritual and Chapel editions
Midwest Theological Forum Classic and Regal editions
LTP Ritual and Chapel editions
Catholic Book Publishing Co. Deluxe Leather, Cloth and Chapel editions
World Library Publications Deluxe Leather and Value editions
Magnificat Altar and Chapel editions

Here is a more detailed review of the Magnificat Altar Edition that they have also provided. The binding is certainly quite handsome.

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