Friday, June 24, 2011

Scola to Milan?

Milan. This particular appointment has been long wondered about; for some it is for reason of the particular influence of the See in question, while for others the outstanding liturgical question of the usus antiquior Ambrosianus -- outstanding for the reason that there is an ever-growing sense that the faithful of Milan have not been afforded the full benefit of the principles or the spirit of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by way of the free use of their own ancient and venerable liturgical books.

Whatever the reasons, who will succeed Tettamanzi (and what direction he will go) has been a question on people's minds these past months both within and without Milan, and the one name that has consistently arisen as a strong prospect was that of the present patriarch of Venice, Angelo Cardinal Scola

While most sources still denote him as only a "strong possibility," Magister today takes it a step further, stating rather matter of factly that it is Scola who will be named to Milan: "The current patriarch of Venice is about to be named archbishop of the diocese of his birth."

Checking the Vatican website, as well as other Italian sources, such as Tornielli, Rodari and the new website, I see no further statements to this effect. Accordingly, I think we are still left to wait and see whether Magister's statement is one of insider fact or one of prophecy.

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