Saturday, June 11, 2011

8000+ at Chartres Pilgrimage: "The Nave of Notre Dame Could Not Accommodate Everyone..."

This morning, the auxiliary bishop of Paris, Mgr. Renauld de Dinechin, welcomed the pilgrims of the Notre Dame de Chretiente annual Pentecost pilgrimage to the great cathedral of Notre Dame.

First reports have indicated that over 8000 pilgrims from various parts of the world are in attendance -- enough pilgrims that even the nave of that great cathedral could not accomodate the numbers.

Abbe le Coq admonished the pilgrims at the beginning of their pilgrimage: "And now, go! Go on the road to Chartres! Go on the road to heaven! Come live the life of this world which will end in eternal life!"

The first photos.

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