Tuesday, June 07, 2011

CD Combines Holy Rosary with Sacred Music

Recently Jeff Ostrowski sent me a note about this interesting looking CD which combines the recitation of the Holy Rosary with sacred music.

This perhaps provides a good opportunity as well to remind readers of an angle which is not always at the forefront of people's minds when considering the rosary, namely, that the the Holy Rosary is directed toward the sacred liturgy.

Many Catholic authors have written about the inherent "prayerful quality" of Sacred Music, which is manifest in this CD recording of the Sorrow Mysteries of the Holy Rosary with Sacred music, prayed by Most Reverend Bishop René H. Gracida. In addition to the normal prayers of the Rosary, His Excellency also adds reflections and meditations.

Audio Excerpts (recorded live): 3rd Sorrowful Mystery • Bruckner "Ave Maria" • Gregorian Introit • Alleluia before the Gospel • C. Callaghan "Vexilla Regis"

This Compact Disc also includes Sacred music selections which focus in a special way on the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Mary Magdalen, who stood at the foot of the cross of our Savior. These extra recordings come from the St. Mary Magdalen Mass (please see video below) and CMAA Colloquium XIX.

Most Reverend Bishop Gracida, who (in the past) has ordained members of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter according to the 1962 Missal, frequently promotes the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, and will be offering a special Mass (7/6/2011) in honor of Blessed John Paul II, using the Extraordinary Form.

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