Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Latin Vulgate on Audio

Vatican Press, in partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing (a non-profit, donor-driven, interdenominational ministry committed to the mission of reaching poor and illiterate people worldwide with the Word of God in audio), is preparing to record the Latin edition of the New Testament, the Neo-Vulgate, for use in Catholic seminaries, parishes, and personal individual study worldwide. The Neo-Vulgate is currently the official or "typical" Latin edition published by the Catholic Church for use in the Roman Rite. As the first vernacular translation of the Bible, it is only fitting that it be among the languages in which Faith Comes By Hearing makes Sacred Scripture available in audio using the rendering of the translator, St. Jerome (342–420 A.D.). It will also be available for free download onto technology devices for academic and devotional use.

The projected cost for this project is estimated at $150,000 US. This includes 25 different speakers to portray nearly 180 different character roles, reading the sacred text. Recording and proofreading in a professional studio takes four to six weeks, up to 12 hours a day. Expenses include research, scripting, voice talent, proofreaders, technicians, mixing and editing, and marketing (in this case, through Catholic publications, Vatican Radio, various websites, and direct mail to Catholic institutions).

The Latin Vulgate is the substratum for the prayers of the Roman liturgy and offers the spiritual milieu for it. I ask you to consider giving this worthwhile project your prayerful and financial support. To hear, as well as to read, the Holy Scriptures in Latin – the first language into which the original Hebrew and Greek were translated – would be a fine source for reinforcement of biblically grounded faith and cultural enrichment.

For more information, visit the Faith Comes By Hearing website or call 800-545-6552.

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