Monday, July 26, 2010

Jubilee of St James the Greater

This Sunday, 25 July 2010, the Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela (read more about it and its solemn opening here) reached its climax with the Feast of the Apostle. Here are some images from the Pontifical Mass, during which the King of Spain made the traditional offering to the Apostle on behalf of the Spanish people.

The King and Queen being greeted by the Archbishop:

The botafumeiro is swung

The King reads the ofrenda (offering), beginning:

Lord St James, Apostle and Patron of Spain,

as in every Holy Year of Compostela, today I fulfil the ageold and solemn tradition of presenting you as King of Spain the offering in the name of the entire Spanish people. [...]

I want to ask you once again, for Spain and all Spaniards - and if you allow me also for my family and myself - the boon of your protection and intercession.

(You can read the entire text in Spanish here.)

King and Queen venerate the Apostle with the traditional embrace:

(Images: EFE/El Correo Gallego/Religión Confidencial)

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