Friday, July 23, 2010

An Aside: The Vita Constantini of Eusebius

This isn't particularly liturgical, but still of interest, I think, to much of the NLM readership. It relates to a recent secondhand book find (courtesy of Loome's Theological Booksellers) that I was quite interested in, written by the great church historian, Eusebius.

Now we have all of course heard of Eusebius' famed Ecclesiastical History, but many of us may be less familiar with this work, The Life of Constantine:

If you are like me, you find Roman history generally of interest, and particularly the history of the Church in Rome in those early centuries.

Statue of the Emperor Constantine, Lateran Archbasilica

It is an admitted aside, but I share it with you today merely as a point of interest.

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